Villa Management

Villa Management

What price would you put on peace of mind? With your Florida dream property thousands of miles away how do you KNOW that it is being properly managed and looked after?

What happens if there is an emergency? Where are the bookings going to come from that are so essential to the financial viability of your investment?

Look no further because WE ARE the answer to your questions!

The Villa People is proud to service Osceola and Polk county are since 2005. We pride ourselves on treating your home as if it were our very own. We provide full management, lawn and pool care, outstanding cleaning service, professional painting and decorating, and most importantly - Friendly and Personalized Service.

The Villa People is a family owned and operated business and a subsidiary of O&T Property Management, LLC. We are here to take care of your Vacation Home while you are busy taking care of your own. Company owner is Olga King who has over 10 years of experience in property management.

So what differentiates us from other management companies? We believe the answer is no one thing but rather a way of doing all things on behalf of our Owners with absolute integrity and honesty. This has helped us to produce an ethos and a vision shared by all of the directors and managers of The Villa People - to be the best.

How do we become the best at what we do? We cannot do it alone. Our philosophy is to work with our Owners in partnership, bringing together your expectations and our ability to translate these into actions required by The Villa People.

We can customize a contract to meet your needs and we can match your current contract with another company***


WE DO BOOKINGS! Free listing on our website and we advertise your property on some of the most popular travel websites. Our commission isn't half as high as what other companies charge. And we DO NOT Charge Owners for doing their own bookings.

Standard Monthly Management

TVP team will take care of all aspects of your Vacation Home on a monthly basis. Our services include, but are not limited to, general management, bill pay, overseeing maintenance (pool, lawn, etc.) and cleanliness, State and County tax payment, licensing, 24 hour response service for you and your guests. All this and more is included in our monthly management fee.

Lawn Care- Included in a Standard Monthly Management Fee

Lawns are cut, edged, trimmed and cleaned-up on a weekly basis. This service is provided by an independent contract whom we have been working with for years and personally use.

Pool Care- Included in a Standard Monthly Management Fee

Your pool and spa is serviced once a week. If any additional call outs are needed to clean the pool - it is free of charge unless a repair is performed. An independent Pool company checks the pool and chemical level, as well as the motor/pump and filter. The pool deck and patio furniture are hosed down on an "as needed" basis. If pressure washing and/or any repair is needed, you will be notified immediately.

Interior/Exterior Pest Control

A general interior and exterior pest control service is provided on a Quarterly Basis (For an extra charge). Any call-outs are free of charge. This service Does Not included yard weed and feed treatment nor termite treatment. Termite Treatment - available for an extra charge.


The property will be cleaned and inspected on the day of each departure. If any damages have been caused by the guests, you will be notified Immediately. Any items left behind will be collected by the Management Company and can be mailed out to your guests for an extra charge plus the cost of mailing. Spring cleans are recommended at least once a year but carried out at the owner's request (prices vary).

Check Ins/Outs- Included in a Standard Monthly Management Fee

Before each check-in your management company will check the house before each arrival. We will dust the house, clean the toilets, clean outside pool table, set the A/C unit to a comfortable temperature, put on the pool heat (if requested), turn on the light (if necessary) - anything needed to make your house look great for guests arrival. -On the day of each check-out, your house will be inspected for any damages. We will make sure your house is clean, A/C is turned off, pool heat is turned off (is used), water heater is turned to Pilot (Off). We take off any energy burning units especially if the house will be vacant for a long time.

Monthly Tax Declaration (Sales&Use/Tourist)- Included in a Standard Monthly Management Fee

We can help you eliminate the headache by letting us pay your taxes. We will set you up under our company umbrella and pay your Tourist (County) and Sales & Use Tax (State) every month. * If you are a new Vacation Home Owner we will prepare and send in all the needed applications to sign you up for Tax Pay. Application fees are set by authorities.

Licensing- Included in a Standard Monthly Management Fee

We will renew your yearly licenses required for all Rental Properties by the Florida Law. We will make sure your house is current on all legal aspects which will eliminate unnecessary legal charges. * If you are a new Vacation Home Owner, we will prepare and send in all the needed applications to get your Home ready for renting. Application fees are set by authorities.

General Maintenance

To keep the costs down we will check the house for any repairs needed. We will replace the batteries and burnt light bulbs, repair garbage disposals, toilets, blocked sinks, etc. If we are not able to complete a repair and have to hire an independent contractor, you will be notified immediately. We will supervise a contractor while the work is being performed.

* The Villa People never seeks to lock owners in to lengthy management agreements. We believe that if we do not meet or exceed your expectations then we do not deserve your business and would expect you to look elsewhere. This is however subject to your account not being in arrears.
*** Please contact The Villa People for a detailed information on Standard Monthly Management Fee. We can customize a contract to meet your needs.

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